Product Categories

Leading Brand in Resistance Industry

A leading brand that has always adopted the firsts in the sector since 1994 and always produces the best quality product with the most up-to-date technology with its innovative production approach.

Domestic Production

All our products are 100% domestic production. Your orders are prepared in our production facility in Izmir.

Quality Guarantee

All our products are produced using the best quality raw materials.

International Shipping

Production is made and our products are delivered to every point in the world as needed.

Quality Certificated

Our productions are certified in accordance with quality standards and all our production processes have been audited.

Cooling Group Resistances

Defrost resistors are generally used in evaporator devices in cold rooms and industrial kitchen departments.

Clamp Resistance
Clamp resistance is the name given to resistance types that operate under harsh conditions in very high temperature working environments.
Plate Resistance Types
Plate resistors are products used in industrial areas such as injection and mold heating.
Cartridge Resistance Types
Cartridge resistance is a type of resistance used for heating molds and presses.
Featured Products
Dünya Rezistans provides standard and special type industrial resistance manufacturing and sales, industrial electric heaters, heating spare parts trading and industrial supply services.
Why Dunya Resistance?

A Leading Company in the Rapidly Developing and Growing Sector

Since 1994, in addition to the reliable and high-quality production of resistance products needed by sectors such as industrial heating and cooling, industrial kitchen equipment, plastic-packaging machinery industry, rubber and chemical machinery industry, hot runner (spiral), cartridge and manifold type resistors are also produced in our facility. .

Expert Team in the Field

While Dünya Rezistans draws its strength from its trained staff and years of experience, it aims to increase its production and current position in the market share with its wide product range and technical infrastructure and equipment.

Innovation and Innovation

The latest technology equipment and advanced machinery are used in all our production processes. Our production is carried out by blending the best raw materials with the best workmanship.

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Our Certificates

Production Quality Certified Processes

Our company, which offers products with ISO 9001 Quality System Certificate, CE Certificate and Trademark Registration Certificate within the framework of its quality understanding, has proven its product quality and has adopted the principle of meeting customer demands at the highest level in its own facilities.

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