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Production of all kinds of resistors used in industrial heating - cooling and plastic - packaging machinery industry

who are we

Dünya Rezistans produces all types of resistances used in the industrial heating-cooling and plastic-packaging machinery industry.

Dünya Rezistans, which produces industrial resistance solutions and adopts the principle of providing the highest quality service to its customers, offers cost-effective solutions with its wide product range.

Our company, which offers products with ISO 9001 Quality System Certificate, CE certificate and Trademark Registration Certificate within the framework of its quality understanding, has proven its product quality and has adopted the principle of meeting customer demands at the highest level in its own facilities.

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years of experience
Our values

Production and fast delivery without compromising quality

We provide the best quality production of the types of resistance used in the plastic-packaging machinery industry and used by industrial kitchen equipment manufacturers.

Dünya resistance, one of the leading manufacturers in its sector, has adopted the principle of providing the best service to its customers in the fastest way and supporting its customers with solutions that satisfy them.

It offers professional solutions both at home and abroad with the state-of-the-art equipment used in the production phase, environment heaters, resistance wires, cartridge resistors and many other different products and resistance models.

Customised Production

Send us your requests for resistors with different features in the sizes and quantities you need, and let’s carry out the production planning together.

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